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    Due to the success of our premiere at IMTS, we have extended our special offer.
    Visit www.takumiusa.com/PremiereOffer to learn more!
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    • Small footprint + Large work cube
    • Perfect combination of fast cutting and high stability.
    • Designed and built for 3D mold machining.
    • 24-tool, CAT/BT 40, swing-arm ATC.
    • 1.31 second tool-to-tool ATC time.
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    • High Rigidity + High Stability Cutting
    • Heavy-Duty box Way Machines
    • Designed and built for heavy material removal parts production and mold & die industries.
    • Robust, precision machined castings with hand-scraped contact areas.
    • Direct-coupled motors, for increased accuracy and faster start-up.
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    • World-class performance for die/mold, aerospace, and other high speed applications.
    • Extremely rigid and thermaly stable double-column design
    • Unrivalled performance and accuracy
    • Designed for parts that require outstanding speed and accuracy, and unparalleled surface finish.
    • Large windows, for optimal visibility.
    • Inline, direct-drive high-speed spindles.

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