About Takumi

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Exceeding Expectations

Machine Design


At Takumi, we have adapted the world’s leading control to our rugged, durable machines to achieve higher productivity through speed, accuracy, and reliability, resulting in double-column and C-frame machining centers that provide world-class performance for die/mold, aerospace, and other high speed applications.




We implement stringent processes to design and build rigid and reliable machining centers that exceed our customers’ expectations. From our meticulous manufacturing processes – such as hand scraping contact areas – to the use of premium components, we infuse quality into each CNC machine that results in outstanding speed, accuracy, and surface finishes




Founded in 1988, Takumi has been exceeding customers’ expectations in Europe and Asia for 30 years. When Takumi was acquired by Hurco Companies in 2015, a new Takumi Technology Center and Showroom was built in Indianapolis to serve the U.S. market and a comprehensive service and support network was established. Check out our product line of machining centers today, at takumiusa.com.


Future Customers


If you believe CNC machines that combine rigidity and reliability with proven control technology provide the greatest benefits to your business, consider Takumi for your next CNC machining center investment. Contact us today.

Takumi’s Design Features

The Takumi V Series machining centers are equipped with Box Ways for rigid and stable cutting. The H Series Takumi machining centers utilize Roller-type rails on all axes for added rigidity.

The heart of our Machining Centers is the robust, precision machined casting with hand-scraped contact areas. All Takumi CNC machines include spindle chillers for maximum heat dissipation.

The Takumi VC Series includes a direct-drive z-axis to increase stability.
The bridge of the  H Series Takumi machines utilizes a ladder design that provides increased support for the head casting and allows close proximity of the spindle to the bridge casting, which reduces overhang.

Direct-coupled ballscrews and motors increase accuracy while providing faster start-up. The VC Series and V Series incorporate pre-tensioned ballscrews to minimize thermal growth, while the H Series uses linear scales for repeatability and accuracy.

All our Machining Centers include absolute encoders for fast start-up. The Takumi VC Series machining centers have rapids of 1,417 inches per minute, and ATC tool-to-tool time of 1.31 second The H Series CNC machines use inline, direct-drive, high-speed spindles