H10 Double Column Machining Center 40 by 27 – Takumi CNC Machine – Premiere Offer

  • Takumi USA H10


Exceptional Accuracy + Outstanding Surface Finish

H Series-General Information

  • Designed for parts that require outstanding speed and accuracy, and unparalleled surface finish
  • H-Series machines offer an extremely rigid and thermally stable double column design
  • These three-axis models feature high-speed direct drive spindles with up to 15,000 rpm
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Unrivaled Performance + Accuracy

• World-class performance for die/mold, aerospace, and other high
speed applications
• Extremely rigid and thermally stable double-column design
• Designed for parts that require outstanding speed and accuracy, and
unparalleled surface finish
• Close proximity of spindle to bridge casting reduces overhang
• Ladder design of bridge provides greater support for the head casting
• Swiveling control panel optimizes floor space utilization
• Extra-wide door openings facilitate loading and unloading
• Large windows provide optimal visibility
• Robust, precision-machined castings
• Hand-scraped contact areas
• Linear scales ensure repeatability and accuracy
• Roller-type rails on all axes add rigidity
• Integrated washdown and chip management system
• Direct-coupled ballscrews increase accuracy
• Absolute encoders ensure fast start-up
• Inline high-speed spindles
• BIG-PLUS® spindles increase rigidity
and reduce tool deflection
FANUC© 31i-MB Series Control
• Fast, trained, factory service and support

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Exceptional Accuracy + Outstanding Surface Finishes

• 40.16 (X-Axis) x 27.56 (Y-Axis) x 19.69 (Z-Axis) in (1,020 x 700 x 500 mm) travels
• 1,259 inches per minute (32 m/minute) X, Y, and Z rapids
• 787 inches per minute (20 m/mintue) X, Y and Z feed rates
• 30-station swing-arm ATC
• 15,000 RPM inline direct-drive spindle
• 24.8 hp (18.5 kW) spindle
• 40 taper
• 41.3 x 27.6 in (1,050 x 700 mm) table, 1,760 lbs (800 kg) capacity
• 87.8 in (2,230 mm) door opening. (front + right side)
• Linear scales ensure repeatability and accuracy
• Weighs a impressive 19,000 lbs. (approx.)
FANUC© 31i-MB Series Control

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SpecificationsH10 Takumi USA_PremiereOffer Specs_1.24.2017


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  • Heavily Ribbed Fine-Grade Cast Iron Frame Optimized with Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
  • Robust, precision machined castings
  • Roller Type Linear Guides on All Three Axes
  • 20,000 RPM, HSK63A Spindle
  • Absolute Encoders for fast start-up
  • Hand-scraped contact areas
  • Direct-coupled ballscrews, for increased accuracy
  • Fast 1259 ipm Rapid Traverse Rates
  • 16 Station Umbrella style tool changer
  • Extra-wide door openings
  • Oil Skimmer
  • Work Light
  • 3-light indicator lamp
  • Linear Scales
  • Ballscrew cooling system
  • Manual Pulse Generator (MPG)
  • Ethernet & RS-232C Interface
  • Spindle Thermal Chiller
  • Air Conditioner
  • Coolant Washdown System
  • Programmable Airblow
  • Blum laser probe
  • Chip Conveyor
  • Wash-down gun and Air gun
  • Fanuc 31i-MB CNC Control
  • 1 GB Dataserver
  • Leveling bolts and pads
  • Operator Manuals


Tool probe measurement system

V Series_Accessories - Laser tool probing

Optional Accessories-Oil Mist Collector

V Series_Optional Accessories-Oil mist collector

Part probe measurement system

V Series_Accessories - Renishaw probe 2mg

Optional Accessories-Linear Scales(3 axes)

Optional Accessories-Linear Scales (3 axes)

Optional Accessories-Ball Screw Cooling System

Optional Accessories-Ball screw cooling system
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Spindle Information

High Accuracy + High Performance Spindle | BIG-PLUS© Spindles
Inline Direct-Drive

Spindle Power & Torque Charts

HSeries_Spindle Torque Charts

Spindle Picture

H Series_Spindle-1
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