V15 Vertical Machining Center 60 by 30 – Takumi CNC Machine

  • Takumi USA V15
  • V15 Series Main Structure Vertical Machining Center Takumi USA
  • V15 Layout Drawings Takumi USA
  • V15 Layout Drawings Takumi USA
  • V15 Layout Drawings Takumi USA


High Rigidity + High Stability Cutting

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V Series-General Information

  • V Series vertical machining centers are heavy duty, box way machines built for tough applications such as roughing cast iron
  • These three-axis massive machines feature belt or geared spindles to provide maximum torque

High-Rigidity + High-Precision Structure

  • Perfect combination of heavy cutting and high stability
  • Designed and built for heavy material removal parts production and mold
    & die industries
  • Large box ways for rigid and heavy cutting
  • Pre-tensioned ballscrews minimize thermal growth and improve accuracy
  • Direct-coupled motors increase accuracy
  • Swiveling control panel optimizes floor space utilization
  • Spindle chiller maximizes heat dissipation
  • Extra-wide door openings facilitate loading and unloading
  • Hand-scraped contact areas
  • Robust, precision-machined castings
  • Hand-scraped contact areas
  • Box-shape bed made of one piece casting
  • Integrated washdown and chip management system
  • Absolute encoders ensure fast start-up
  • FANUC© 0i-MF Series Control
  • Fast, trained, factory service and support
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Quality Components + Expert Design

• 60 (X-Axis) x 30 (Y-Axis) x 28.35 (Z-Axis) in (1,524 x 762 x 720 mm) travels
• 708 x 708 x 630 in/min (18 x 18 x 16 m/min) X, Y, and Z rapids
• 4 box ways supporting y-axis
• 24-station swing-arm ATC
• 6,000 RPM 2-speed gear-type spindle
• 50 taper
• Pre-tensioned ball screws minimize thermal deformation
• 62.99 x 29.92 in (1,600 x 760 mm) table, 3,300 lbs (1,496.85 kg) capacity
• 30,865 lbs (14,000 kg) machine weight

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  • FANUC© 0i-MF Series Control
  • 24-tool, CAT, swing-arm ATC
  • Wash down gun and air gun
  • Coolant washdown system
  • Chip conveyor and cart
  • Centralized automatic lunrication system
  • Manual pulse generator (MPG)
  • Ethernet & RS-232C interface
  • Heat exchanger
  • Toolbox
  • Leveling bolts and pads
  • Operator Manuals
  • Programmable Airblow Machining
  • Spindle chiller
  • Full enclosure
  • Work light
  • 3-light indicator lamp


  • Coolant through spindle (CTS)
  • Oil Skimmer
  • Oil mist device
  • Oil mist collector
  • Part probe measurement system
  • Tool probe measurement system
  • 4th axis rotary table
  • CAT3 Compliance Package
  • BT 40
  • Air Conditioner

Photographs of Featured Accessories:

Swing-arm ATC

V Series_ATC-Arm type ATC (Standard)

Optional Accessories-4th Axis Rotary Table

Optional Accessories-4th axis rotary table

Optional Accessories-Coolant through Spindle

V Series_Optional Accessories-Coolant though Spindle

Optional Accessories-Oil Mist Collector

V Series_Optional Accessories-Oil mist collector

Tool probe measurement system

V Series_Accessories - Laser tool probing

Part probe measurement system

V Series_Accessories - Renishaw probe 2mg
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Spindle Information

High Accuracy High Performance Spindle

  • Belt-type and gear-type spindles, based on machining requirements

Spindle Power & Torque Charts

V15_Spindle Torque Charts

Gear Type Spindle Picture

V Series-GearTypeSpindle

Gear Box Picture

V Series Brochures (HR)_141215-4-gearbox
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