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A big thanks to #MastMotorsports for purchasing the first Takumi CNC machine at #Amerimold2016 at the #BraunMachinery booth.
Cary Chouinard of Mast Motorsports and Tim Navalta of Braun Machinery are pictured in front of the new #Takumi V10 machining center.

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A2Z Manufacturing-Rocky Mountain Edition (CO< UT, ID, MT and WY) Features Takumi USA AMT Selects Takumi Mill Because It Exceeds Competitively Priced Machines In Speed, Travel Size, And Chip Control “Say What You Mean, Mean What You Say, and Do What You Say You’ll Do!” Advanced Mechanical Technologies (AMT) does just that. Operations Manager Frank Read More


Crotts & Sunders recently held a Grand Opening of its new 24,000 sq. ft. Southeast Technical Center for machine tools and metrology equipment and services located at 2709 Boulder Park Court., Winston-Salem, NC.   Attendees saw demonstrated several machine tool systems under power including: 3, 4 and 5 axis machining; vertical turning centers; single and Read More

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Advanced Machinery Companies (AMC) March Madness Open House event at its Dayton, OH, facility pro video attendees the opportunity to experience the latest machining technology from Milltronics, as well as CNC machining centers from Milltronics’ sister company Takumi. “We love hosting this event because it gives customers a chance to visit our 36,000 sq. ft. Read More

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